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christmas in a nutshell

well i've been reading everyones's journal and i'm glad to see that everyone had a decent xmas! ^_^ Mine was ok. I'm not much of a xmas kind of person. I just like being able to spend time with my family. You never know who will be around next year.

xmas eve-started out at my mom's. Jason and I put together Jerica and Zenda's xmas gift. mom bought them a computer and desk and chair. Then we went over to his grandmother's house. where his family was all there. it was ok. I just did not feel comfortable being there and i think they were mad that we left earlier. I do have a family too geez. Anyway then we came back to the apartment and walked over to my Titi Ginny's. MMM rice and beanns! haha. My dad didnt show up.. big surprise, right? nah. ginny was like I hope for your sake that he doesnt come. i was just like yeah whatever i dont care. But i did get to see my cousin syliva i havent seen her in forever! she had a little baby! Regina she is adorable! and then we came back to the apartment and jen and tom came over and i gave them there gift. and she bought me an amy brown book! ^_^

Then....we tryed to go to sleep but being at my moms (they all smoked over there) i stank like ciggerate smoke and it was killing my lungs so i had to get up and get a shower. that was like at midnite after that i tryed to go to sleep but jasons phone rang twice at 2 am! grrrr then i tryed to go back to sleep and as soon as i do jason is wakin me up buggin me about goin to his sisters house when i already told him i didt want to go. which resulted in a fight. so we spent the morning arguin he left to go to his sisters and i got up and gave the kittenns there gifts! Which they loved haha.

around 11am he came back and then we left to go to the mom-mom's. They gave us a gift certificate to applebees and theresa and danny gave us a certificate to red lobster. Laurie and them bought jason spiderman 2 and the 3rd harry potter.
We ate (good timmes haha)
Then we left to my nana's. (all the sisters were there! it was like the 1st time in a couple of years. i think my nana was happy)
We didnt stay to long because i wasnt feelin to well. We went to my moms and exchanged gifts. we got mmy mom a new crock pot and new silverware. and she got jason a 50 dollar gift certificate to the mall and zenda ad jer got him some pj pants. and i got them both bed canpyies. (turns out that was jer's 3rd one and zenda's secod onne the same exact one too haha.) we also gave jer earrings and a bracelet and zenda a pair of socks and a watch. They gave me two pairs of socks (one tinkerbell and one playboy bunny) a candle, mom got me two gift certificates to the mall and some candle holders :)
then we came home and jason opened up his gifts that i got him. I took pics and i'll post them later. he got me King arthur. I love that movie! we watched that and shrek 2. (i got him that)

ok so yeah thats about it haha...
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